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Словарь морских терминов на A

AAAlways Afloat
AAAAAlways Accessible Always Afloat
AAOSAAlways Afloat or Safe Aground. Condition for a vessel whilst in port
AARAAmsterdam-Antwerp-Rotterdam Area
ABAFTToward the rear (stern) of the ship. Behind.
ABOARDOn or within the ship
ABOVE DECKOn the deck (not over it - see ALOFT)
ADCOMAddress Commission
ADDENDUMAdditional chartering terms at the end of a charter party
AFSPSArrival First Sea Pilot Station (Norway)
AFFREIGHTMENTThe hiring of a ship in whole or part
AFTAt or towards the stern or rear of a ship
AGROUNDTouching or fast to the bottom
AGWAll Going Well
AHLAustralian Hold Ladders
AIDS TO NAVIGATIONArtificial objects to supplement natural landmarks indicating safe and unsafe waters
ALOFTAbove the deck of the ship
AMIDSHIPSIn or toward the centre of the ship
ANCHORAGEA place suitable for anchorage in relation to the wind, seas and bottom
ANTHAMAntwerp-Hamburg Range
APSArrival Pilot Station
ARAGAmsterdam-Rotterdam--Antwerp-Gent Range
ARBItrATIONMethod of settling disputes which is usually binding on parties. A clause usually in a charter party
ASBAAmerican Shipbrokers Association
ASPWAny Safe Port in the World
ASTERNIn the back of the ship, opposite of ahead
AtdNSHINCAny Time Day/Night Sundays and Holidays Included
ATHWARTSHIPSAt right angles to the centreline of the ship
ATUTCActual Times Used to Count
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